Culver Current in Culver City

IVP Public assisted City of Culver City in organizing the process, selecting and commissioning media artist Nate Mohler to create a dynamic temporary artwork for the Dale Jones City Hall Courtyard.

About the Project

Culver Current is a groundbreaking digital sculpture that combines diverse materials. Culver Current defines several values: the current time and the city’s transformation into a forward-looking entertainment center, the water current within a fountain, and electric currents. Mohler’s inspiration for this sculpture was an inactive fountain in the Dale Jones Courtyard. Culver Current comprises a 9-foot tall cylindrical steel frame with 494 LED panels inside a custom thermoformed Corian® shell. Projected video illumines the Corian® surface from within, diffusing along ripples cut into the surface.

Culver Current’s fountain uses no actual water. Instead, a computer captures digital activity within the city’s geographic borders and feeds that back into the fountain. In the morning, the fountain will be shallow and mellow but as the day progresses, the fountain will grow and visually roar with online activity that is not visible or typically represented in physical space.