Sunset Wave City in Huntington Beach

IVP Public curated a steel and stained-glass sculpture with outdoor LED lighting by Karl Unnasch that relates to the history of the City of Huntington Beach and reflects the spirit of the community. The sculpture is located on the Main Street, two blocks away from the Pier in Huntington Beach, CA.

About the Project


Powder-coated steel and stained glass (with storm safety layer) and outdoor LED lighting

  • 2x powder-coated steel provides the best structural resistance to natural elements (sun, salt, temperature extremes, etc.).
  • Stained glass provides the richest color filtration with LED systems due to the thickness of the internal pigmentation and the resilience of the material.
  • LED systems are rated for 50K working hours. Easy access to them will be incorporated into the sculpture design for ease of maintenance. All are outdoor-rated.
  • Lighting is triggered by a light sensitive switch to preserve system hours.
  • All glass mountings are carried out with 100% silicone sealant … no glass-to-metal contact.
  • Clear storm layer of polycarbonate sheathing covers all glass panels. This is the same material used to protect stained glass windows and is an insurance standard.